No 9. Last life just beginning..

Having got to Sevenoaks then by train… and there’s another story…I then followed my date.. she in her car ( a large ‘ car’ that people in the ‘ country’ have ) and me following behind in wheelchair/ Triride at 20 mph up a hill .. and 💥 – the front tyre explodes ( literally ) As I was going up a hill at the time, I slowed rapidly and stopped.

How many times have I been going along in a country lane with no other cars around?

How many times have I gone up steep hills that a burst tyre would then naturally lead me to stopping slowly ?
Hardly ever.

How often am I in busy traffic, at 25/30 mph, with cars in front and behind me, and lorries coming the other way ?
All the time.

How often do I have someone in a car driving along and looking in the rear view mirror to check I’m ok?
Never. It’s the first time ( ever ).

So how often would a burst front tyre on my Triride whilst going along on a road have led to me crashing?
Well always.

How often would that crash have led me to being run over by the vehicle behind, or veering into the opposite carriageway and being run over by an oncoming vehicle, quite possibly a lorry ?
Nearly ALWAYS.

Looks to me like YET AGAIN then i ‘ got away with it’ and cheated death.

Do I feel any sense of relief…?
No of course I don’t! 😂🤷

But it’s almost unbelievable that things happened today like they did. You have to admit that the chances of me being alive to write this.. are slim.

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