Busy of late!

Went to see Kate Nash in the Brixton Electric on Tuesday.
Took Kerry, who seemed to know that the blond lady next to us in the ( strange combination platform of Disabled and VIP personages.. was some woman off East Enders. Not seen it since Angie and Den.. so ‘ Janine Butcher’ was lost on me.
Kerry spent the next 3 years trying to be as close to Janine as possible, but trying to not show it.
All very funny for myself – obviously. I have video but not gonna post it cos Kerry would get very cross.

I can’t actually remember getting home either… so we can safely say it was a fun night out.
I do remember making the very stationary fella in the wheelchair next to me ‘ arm dance ‘ by holding onto his wrist.. not sure he was that willing but hey I think I got away with it.

I’m sure it’s a night Janine will always remember… 😳

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