My weekend.

Well, Wales didn’t beat South Africa…but maybe could have, at least. 

Fireworks, plus bands, plus seeing loads of mates on Friday night, great fun. 
Debs, Neal, Dan , Sas, Larry, Sarah, Pat, Martin, Berj, Jo, Tel, Jade, Colin, Pia, Cliff, Emily, Miles, Olly, Ella and Toby, Emma , Tim, Carolin, Holly, plus Dani, Lily and Amber. I must have left people out!
Thank you so much to the staff at The Park Club for making it so much easier for me to see everything and partake. 
Last year ( as the oldest Big Kid in town, I was jumping up and down with the kids when the bands played ) this year sort of bouncing up and down in the wheelchair wasn’t quite the same, but I made the best of it. 
The fairground rides that I did last year weren’t possible this year; I guess that’s something I’ve got to just accept. 
I saw Cherie, the wonder massage lady on Saturday, followed by the rugby on the telly. Then we went out for dinner ( flagging by now, with Nick and Sophia )
The wheelchair push to the restaurant was straight from Death Ride 2000. 
Why they can’t give me a bloody wheelchair that:
1. Goes in a straight line,
2. Doesn’t weigh a ton,
3. Let’s me sit upright, and
4. Doesn’t scrape against every tiny bump in the pavement , god knows let alone go over kerbs, 
.. I don’t know!
I must have almost been thrown out of the front 50 times on the mile push to Chiswick High Road. 
By the time we got there, Dani and I were both nervous wrecks. 
We decided to get a wheelchair taxi back, to ensure my very survival. 
In the middle of the night poor Dani was quite violently ill, in a food poisoning induced way. 
I lay there for some time desperately hoping I wouldn’t befall the same fate. Just imagine poor Dani having to deal with me projectile vomiting in bed, whils Ill herself….mercifully it didn’t happen. 
Today we went to Camberley in the sunshine to watch Lily score 4 of the goals in Richmond U-13’s  6-0  thrashing of Camberley and Frimley.  
I felt very proud, of Lily and all the girls that played, expertly coached by Rob  Leach. 
Was good to catch up with some of the parents too, especially Martin and Jax. 
You could argue that the weekend wasn’t so very different to pre accident , except I’d have thrown in 4 hours of cycling/ kayaking as well, before. 
The other thing now is that I feel the cold very badly. All my life, well since I was 12, I’ve been cold resistant. 
When I was 12 I decided that I’d not wear my coat or blazer on my 3 mile walk to school any more, I’d carry it but not put it on. If I felt the cold , I’d just mentally tell myself I was warm. After a while it worked and I’d never get cold in the first place. 
The downside was that I was always bloody hot, when everyone else was comfy!
I’ll post another post later, from a friend ( our builder, Pete ) which kinda illustrates that..
Now, I have the cold resilience of a 90 year old lady, and I find that very hard to deal with. Maybe I’ll regain a bit in time..?

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