My Thursday.

Ian and Terry came today, great lads from the Hogarth. 

Ian was the right tit in the Katherine Jenkins spoof video….. A reminder below. – Video Tube for YouTube – iPhone/iPad
Brilliant to see them, it’s always a proper laugh. 
Pia relieved them ( no, not like that ) and brought me dinner plus Starbucks. 
What a treat 🙂
We’re so close  it’s like having a sister to go with my brilliant brothers. 
Tomorrow I go home. 
You want to see the best fireworks display in West London ? Then head to The Park Club (Acton) tomorrow night ( Friday). There’s a funfair, ‘street food’ stalls and plenty of access to alcohol too. 
Plus, they’ve got Conor Maynard playing … Guaranteed hit with all teenage girls ( plus their mums 😉
It’s the same firework company that did the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations last year, so they seriously know what they’re doing. 
( i’ll be there too.. )
I actually got up a kerb twice in my chair today, and made a foray into the world of rear wheel wheelies…  after my crash 7 days ago I’m not entirely trusting of my skills but it’ll come.. 

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