My new home for 3-4 months.

Day 1. 

Spine X Rays repeated. 
It was explained to me that whilst my life was saved in a French operating theatre, my spine was not re assembled ( straightened ) prior to pinning together. 
This  may have been impossible at the time, depending on how critical I was at the time I guess   
It does mean that my spine is not straight, which may lead to issues down the line. I get the impression that leaving it crooked lessens any hope I have of recovery of movement, or control. 
But miracles happen…..
Only saw the physio for a little while today. He took me to the gym, put me in front of a pulley machine, then got called to another patient. I, of course, just got on with it, and devised my own workout. 
Maybe he knew I would…
Tomorrow I want to learn to get into/ out of a car, so that going home/ out is easier. They have a car here just for that purpose. I’m sure ill manage it. 
It’s not exactly full of athletic types on this ward, but maybe they’re all out playing wheelchair sports or something. Guess ill find out in good time. Met a lovely lad of 13 who was hit by an army lorry at age 7, and has needed a wheelchair ever since. 
( I should feel fortunate, right? )
Had 6 visitors ( pretty good for day 1 )
So def not time for getting bored/ feeling down etc. 
Dani continues to be the highlight of my day as always. 
My parents were here, a certain Charlie Perkins all the way from Hong Pong, the lovely Mary ( a relative )  and the one and only Tim Slater ( who suffered getting lost and breaking down en route ). Could only happen to Tim…. You gotta love him. 
Got my first push myself chair. Christ, how slow am I!? Everybody is faster than me! Gotta address that, sharpish. Good I’ve not lost that competitive edge, but uncomfortable with current position on the grid!
And sorry to Alwyn and Dan  for not calling them back, too blimmin busy. 

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  1. Thinking of you Russ, and looking forward to seeing you next week. We have been up in Newcastle getting Bru settled in his new shared house for the last few days, and we completed on the house so are trying to get the work started on it so we can move in! Its great news that you have been home, that must have been amazing. Stay strong Russ. Mac is off to learn golf in portugal for a few days, so until next week, All our love. Laura and
    Mac xxx

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