More cheese, Gromit?

Jeez – you should see the state of my bones and metalwork – like Swiss cheese with skewers poked in, and a fair few of those skewers broken or pulling out.

I have one screw which has ground a hole in the bone ( as it worked loose ) so that the hole is about 10 times as large as the diameter of the screw, leaving it rattling around and the weight of my skeleton leaning shearing the hole ever bigger.

He didn’t want to admit me there and then, and said that he was pretty worried about my lungs too, which seem more buggered than before. Surgery will require careful attention to my respiration, as poor breathing will jeopardise my living through the operation, he said.

Im physically certainly in a parlous state then, despite looking well ( often the irony of the guy dying of cancer ) but it was all a bit sobering in the consultation. He said that we can’t delay long or something dramatic will happen to me in terms of skeletal collapse, probably leading to my demise.

Ah well, party on til then… then !

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