Metal flowers

So, 2 court hearings down, one to go, then proper Court. I’m sure that’ll be quite some time away.

As I’m no longer paying for legal help, but she is, it’s just a wait now to ultimately hear confirmation that she is no longer entitled to sponge off me.

The wait suits me but doesn’t suit her, so all good.

Theatre tonight! Cheap tickets to see Steel Magnolias. I’ve not seen the film ever, but most people have and it’s supposed to be great.

Omer my refugee buddy is coming. I hope his command of English is good enough to follow it properly.

I’ve had beyond bad spasms for quite a while now, which I hope don’t start whilst in the theatre. It’s ever so blimmin distracting when I want to concentrate on something.

Not seen my buddy for a while. He’s now a refugee rather than an asylum seeker. That’s status promotion, and he can now legally work. As he’s a smart guy, that’s good. But it’s not been straightforward finding work.. and no sooner had he gained his current status in the UK than his wife back home told him that she doesn’t want to join him here… nor bring his 7 year old son.

That’s rough.
I know all about indifferent families, myself.

I hope he rides it out and maybe meets someone. Trouble is he does look like a Turkish Humpty Dumpty.. so that won’t help his cause.

But hey, he could lose weight…
But I don’t think he will. Seems unmotivated in that sense.
Shame, isn’t it? His whole situation would improve – health, heart and the ladeeez.

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