Messages- and they all help to turn this day around

Hey you. Just sending a great big, wide, warm, special (albeit bony) hug from me. Thinking of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

No words. Superfluous all! Just a hug xxx

Wotcha – I also don’t know what to say.
Especially as this week coincides with me jetting off to the Yukon again (only the sprint race as I have not got my paddling engine to get me through the Y1000)

Hey been thinking of you …life can throw some shit at us and I sometimes wonder how I’d deal with the same situation…you have my admiration you are a remarkable man, who enrich many lives, even if this is not the one you’d have chosen. Lots of people love you …hold onto that …it really does matter and ultimately makes a difference, however small xx

I really like Sky’s message to you. Happy second life. It literally is a second life for you albeit a bit broken and bent but it’s still life.
I prefer to think as a fifth anniversary of life rather than the alternative.

Why do I read your blog everyday?! I’m hooked to your life

Hang in there Russ!!  Obviously impossible for me to relate to your condition and experience, but I am sending a fist bump 👊 and genuine positive vibes!!

I always read your blog …you snuck that one in !!
How are you holding up …1 hour and 18 mins to midnight…then this day is officially over for another year …doesn’t change anything I know but you survived the battle
Actually every day is a battle….don’t get tired of the fight ❤

Sad anniversary today mate. Am thinking about you. I guess it’s not a good memory and I wasn’t sure whether to send a message. Looking forward to having you back in town and the flat warming.

I think on the first anniversary we went to a strip club. Why haven’t we done that again?!
Thinking of you today old chap. X


Hi Russ

Difficult day today I’m sure. Last year when we went out for a few drinks on this night I could see you were obviously “sensitive” ….. however your Welsh mate falling backwards off the chair was a moment to cherish 😂

Hope that made you smile.

See you soon.

I’m sure it’s tough!!  And if anyone knows mental/physical toughness pre AND post accident, it’s you.  Post accident you’ve experienced better and great days..  Sending those thoughts back to you!!

Only one more hour left of that worst 24 hrs of every year. Xx



I know  & understand yesterday was a difficult day 

I didn’t no you pre accident so I feel I am a friend after that terrible day 

I still remember the day we met , to me was a special day , and I hope it was a good day for you too 

We seem to hit it off straight away ! 

To me we have a special friendship 

I feel proud that I am able to give you support when I can 

and enjoy my visits to you ,

Take care matey

and I’m sure I’ll see you soon 

Big hugs 

C xx 



Just been catching up with your blog – as I do a couple of days a week. You’ve had some great messages which say it all. Glad you’re still here, sad you’re here in a ‘different’ way, but you’re still making a huge contribution in lots of ways to lots of people. Every anniversary will feel different but on maybe this one’s purged some of the emotion and next year will be easier? Lots of love Auntie Mxxx 😊

Good to hear that you’re going well today and got through the horrors of yesterday. 

I was at The Tour de France, not far from you, when I heard the news 5 years ago. Tiny flashbacks compared to yours, your family and closest…

What you have achieved already has been incredible…totally inspirational. 

You would rather have not had the opportunity to give so much to so many – that’s f’ing obvious – but please don’t underestimate how important your words and presence are.

Bottle of red when you’re back?



Really sorry to see you had a fucking awful day on Thursday mucker. But glad Friday was better and your relentless strength prevailed. X

One thought on “Messages- and they all help to turn this day around

  1. I hope all the love poring in from around the world made you feel less lonely & very much missed & treasured
    Come back to London & we can launch another event for I to reprise his role 🙂
    Just in time for the rest of your life,
    we are all so glad you are still here, & miss your smile.
    Much much love.

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