May 15th. 9 am

So my shoulder is better than it was, and I’ve avoided stressing it at all, having some common sense when it comes to that sort of thing. My policy with injured bits has always been to do everything with them that doesn’t actually cause acute pain. That way you are still moving and encouraging blood flow so the bit doesn’t seize up, but you aren’t furthering the injury. Always seems to work for me …

Pain, and types of pain, is something that  I’m not sure is that commonly understood.  If you properly injure yourself ( like tear a muscle ) then you’ll suffer acute/ searing pain thats instantaneous when you use that muscle. Once the injury starts to heal, the pain changes to a different, less painful pain, that is more of an ache when you use the muscle. At that point you are quite safe using that muscle lightly, but not to the extent that you feel that searing pain sensation – that’s where you are causing further injury, and only making it worse again – you have to avoid that!  If you have actually injured yourself properly you’ll always feel that acute, searing pain. If you just wake up and something hurts a bit, without you having felt that pain the day before then you can’t have actually properly injured yourself, can you? You can’t injure yourself whilst asleep, unless you’ve stabbed yourself whilst sleepwalking or something. You might indeed feel pain from something – a trapped nerve, or an ache from exerting yourself the day before, but that’s not the same as being injured. Nothing has been torn or broken overnight whilst you’re in bed – that just doesn’t happen, or it would have woken you up in distress at the time…

Anyway, today I’ll have another go on the Seg and avoid chains. I feel like buying a can of red spray paint and going on a mission to spray all the chains ( that are actually widespread here ) so that further accidents are avoided. My good deed for the day – except I don’t have any paint. I could become a graffiti ‘ist too, and go round ‘ tagging ‘ everything…. I need to come up with a tag. Maybe a leek?

We watched a film last night featuring taggers, in LA. Obviously everyone ended up dead, like all the films I watch (?!) including the goodie, old Samuel L Jackson… he doesn’t normally die in his  films, does he? 187 it was called – good actually!

The sun is shining here, as it has for a while, and things are relaxed for me, or getting that way at least.

That’s gotta be a good thing.


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