I went ( well me n Kerry went ) to see a play called Running with Lions the other day.
About 3 generations of a black family, now all in Britain ( tho the grandparents had arrived from the Caribbean ).
It was very good… though more sad than happy, with the family members more at odds with each other than they were together.
Ultimately they seemed to realise that understanding and respecting each other’s wishes was the best way forward though – so it was a sort of happy ending, with a life lesson thrown in.
I’m finding that the less ‘ luminary ‘ theatres are doing the best productions… who’d have thought?

Hammersmith Lyric theatre is both accessible and has helpful staff…! What more could a Spazzer Luvvy want?

3 thoughts on “Lyric

  1. It was a brilliant play – def recommend others going. The acting was superb and love the fact the actors all come out and sit in bar after 🎭 ( and then get accosted by me 🤗)

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