My brothers came tonight, and their wives. 

Alwyn and Nadia from America ( actually Alwyn from Brazil ) and Stu and Mandy from Wales. 
We all, and Dani of course,  went out for dinner in a ‘gastro pub’ near here. 
Stuart’s seen me lots of times, Alwyn a few ( he does live thousands of miles away after all! ) since my accident. 
They have always known me as the crazy  multi sport adventurer who took pleasure from pain and physical challenge. 
Now I struggle to even get my own pullover on. 
They love me so much I can barely write the words. They try to hide the anguish in their heads when they look at me, but I can see it. 
25 years ago we sort of drifted apart, as brothers are, I think, prone to. 
For the last 10 years at least things have been pretty good.
 Since my crash they have been my replacement legs. 
I’m not articulate enough to conjure up  the appropriate words to thank them enough, but I don’t have to, because they know. 

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