Last night

Last night I went to a party. Yes, a real party, in the real world. 

One of the great things ( of the very many great things ) about my wife, is her determination to carry on ‘business as usual’, and not to use my acquired injury as an excuse. 
At about 7pm last night, I felt pretty tired. It had seemed like a long day. 
It would have been pretty easy for her to use my  dwindling  enthusiasm as a good reason for missing Cliff’s birthday party. 
But no, not for a moment. We got a proper wheelchair taxi and headed to Sheen where we had a bloody good night with lots of our mates. 
Cliff is Pia’s husband, and he and Pia really went the full distance to make sure I’d be ok. Ground floor venue, chair ramps entrance, located close to where we live. 
We spent half the night on the veranda, and lots of friends came and sat outside with me ( for me really ). I’m very aware that people are making adjustments to their behaviours to include me, and I’m very appreciative that they do. 
Today I used the Arm Bike in the house for about an hour. To be honest I was really tired by the end. My physio explained that my back muscles are drastically weakened by the shock and trauma of the spine op. 
Looking at a phone video of myself on the bike I wonder in slight horror where my fine back muscles, honed over many years on the river etc, have gone. ..
Still, compared to the wastage of my legs, it’s nothing. 
The amazing Dan completed his crazy french 68 mile run in about 15 hours. Yes, he started in the dark and finished in the dark. He said the last 15 km got progressively worse, the last mile downhill, sliding on mud and shale, a real test of his resolve. 
Needless to say he finished and sounded pretty chipper on the phone after, this despite having severely chafed testicles. 
I’ve known Dan long enough to know that he won’t mind me sharing the exact anatomical complications of ultra running.
More Vaseline next time we think. 
I had a massage today at The Park Club from the lovely, kind Cherie Duir-Howe , skilled therapist that she is. She carefully manipulated my affected areas, applying her years of experience to my particular issues. 
I would totally recommend her services to anybody reading this, she’s known as a miracle worker round these parts. 
(Sadly, I still left her room in the wheelchair).
Right, bedtime. 
Sweet dreams out there in BlogLand. 

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