June 15th 2018

I can’t imagine a ‘ different day’ that could be more different from yesterday.

I decided that we’d go back to the same place ( 15 miles away ) and see the same things as yesterday.

Today the sun is shining ( in my mind ) and the emotional horrors of yesterday are not here.

The rebounds that I go through/ am capable of, are remarkable ( even to me, and I ought be used to them )   I am not ‘ in control ‘ of them, yet I am responsible for them.

I’m not altogether looking forward to next June 14th though! 🙂

2 thoughts on “June 15th 2018

  1. You are a very brave man, Russell.
    You face your demons every day. I have no doubt you will defeat them, because you fight so hard.

    1. I do wish they wouldn’t fight me so hard, Lisa.
      Or is it that I just put myself in situations because I cannot bear not making my life a challenge?
      Probably both, with the latter dominating.. I reckon it’ll never stop then?! Omg

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