Listening to The Fate of Rome on Audible. .. it’s so far all about plague and pandemic. and that’s what ended that period in history. It’s all a bit timely and familiar sounding.
For sure though, back then they had it far worse than we do! There were various strikes of plague and for 25% of everyone in the affected region might die. Some plagues may ( because they don’t know for sure ) have killed 25 million people.. and there were a lot less people around back then. Death was normal, in all levels of society, even in one case mentioned, that meant that only 2 of 14 kids born to the emperor’s wife surviving.

The infrastructure of the Roman Empire with its roads and routes meant that disease spread fast ( sounds familiar ) and it was the men who died more than the women ( also sounds familiar ). Back then they didn’t understand how it spread, so it did, and fast.
Now we DO understand how it spreads, and yet still we let it happen..? Not good, is it?

Dipping my toe / wheel back in the dating pond. Ahh what fun .. 🤦‍♂️
At least I sort of know how it all works now..

With far less places to go, and social distancing.. it doesn’t make it any easier, does it?

No foreign trips this year either. I can’t see how that’s very sensible just now, and you just suck it up, don’t you.
Am I one of very few that isn’t stamping my feet and how unfair it all is, that I can’t go to a foreign beach.. ?
Well no actually, and that’s not ONLY cos I can’t actually move my feet in order to do any stamps..

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