July 22nd – lots of visitors!

From Chris and Carloine Bennfors

Following his sedation over the last three days for the chest infection, Russ had  what I can best describe as a frustrating day waking up. 

He is looking swollen from having spent time lying on his face, and has a couple of sores (from pressure points) on each cheek bone, which looks like he has done a few rounds with Mike Tyson.

He has also been quite agitated, which the nurses explained can be a side-effect of the medication. At one stage he made it clear he wasn't happy with his lot, indicating with his hand as a pistol he wanted to do away with the nurses! It would have been quite funny if it wasn't for the fact that Russ followed it up by indicating he wants to go home. I say 'indicate' as, due to the tracheotomy, he is still not able to use his voice properly, so has to mouth what he wants, which isn't always clear. What was clear was his request for Lily and Amber when he woke from his sedation, and the desire to speak to Dani, which we arranged as a 3-way conversation: Dani speaking, Russ mouthing and me interpreting for Dani. We're sad to be leaving you, Russ, but can see you are in good hands, with the medics and all the friends and family visiting. Keep up the fight and see you at home in London soon. Much love from us both C&C

From Rubena Kerr and family

Hi Melissa 

We saw Russ yest and we were so glad to have had the opportunity. Could you please update the blog with this message.

, my daughter Sarah, Judy and her son Kieran set off on a weeks med
cruise from Barcelona on Sunday. By sheer chance our first port of call
was Toulon!!! We were so pleased to be able to go to the hospital to
visit Russ. We had been informed by Dani that he was sedated and had
been lying face down due to his chest infection, but was due to come
round in the afternoon.
When we arrived at the hospital
a nurse allowed us in a little earlier as he was awake and we had
around 90 mins to be back on the ship( or else we would have been hitch
hiking to meet the ship at Nice today!!!)
As expected,
he was still a bit woozy however he did know we were there, as he did
write my name on his little whiteboard . That would have totally
confused him to see us there!!!!
His face was swollen
and sore looking as Dani had explained to us. And yes we will agree that
he is def not his usual handsome self!!! However they will heal quickly
He was mouthing to us and we realised he was
thirsty. We had bought water for him and gave him a tiny sip. A
horrified nurse came in and gave us a telling off and gave us a swab to
pour it on so we gave him a tiny bit more!
Although he
was obviously uncomfortable his fighting spirit shone through as he was
still able to boss the nurses about and communicate what he wanted!
He was pointing to his abdomen and indicating pain so the nurses told us that he needed to have some Physio.
At that point we left feeling very grateful to have been able to see Russ, hold his hand, and just to have been there for him.
On our way out, we met Caroline and Chris who hadn't been able to see him awake.
Subsequently we have heard from Dani who has told us that he has been sedated for a  further 2 days!!!!

( we are hoping that wasn't due to the after effects of our visit!!!!!! )

We have all been devastated by Russ's  accident. We have been reading the
blog daily and it's been amazing to keep up with his daily progress.
Thanks so much for setting this up. We are so pleased to have the
opportunity to add to it.

Russ is an amazing person with an amazing family and so many suppotive friends thatthink the world of him!

With everyone's support and his own fighting spirit we are sure he will come through this horrific ordeal.

We are hoping to visit next month again with his Glasgow friends, inc
Dave, Alan M,&co! Everybody is sending all their love and best

Lots of love

Beana, Sarah, Judy and Kieran

P.S Dave, Shirleyanne, Sue and all Scottish buddies who know Russ send their love and best wishes.

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