January the 12th 2021

I can’t believe it’s taken almost a year for the Government to declare that it’s going to prosecute those who irresponsibly flout the lockdown rules.
I mean cmon, would we really be in the situation we are now in, if that had been the policy all along?

Aside from that, I resumed my 2 hours of arm cranking per day in order to redress the calorie imbalance that existed over ‘ the festive season’, with rapid results.
Well if you exercise a fair bit whilst at the same time eat a fair bit less than you do normally. then the resultant weight loss IS going to occur.
Two hours a day is quite a lot… and it’s always going to be the tedium that’s possibly the biggest obstacle. Well that’s where Audible kicks in. Ear buds and a book and the time flies by. Currently I’m back to French lessons, and because I have to concentrate it takes my mind off the exercise clock even more.

Blimey the trains are empty. I must have caught the Sevenoaks train 10 times by now, and I’ve yet to share a carriage with more than one other person. The train companies must be receiving a fair bit of Government support to keep going. I for one am grateful to them for that. From a business sense it just doesn’t make ANY sense at all to keep services running… but thankfully we live in a country where that just won’t happen. The upside for me is that I now have total faith in the staff to get me on and off. Well I’m the only passenger – how can they possibly forget me?!

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