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Because I’m vulnerable and to save me going to the shops, I get a government food parcel every week.

There’s a fair bit of stuff in it, and actually I give more than half to the local food bank, as I don’t eat much!

What’s included though is 2 toilet rolls. That’s obviously the Government Bog Paper Weekly Allowance – the GBPWA.

Given there are 500 sheets per roll ( in a 2 ply roll ) that’s 1000 sheets. Divided by 7 is about 142.

That’s 142 sheets a day. That strikes me as a fair bit. Let’s say you have 2 poos a day ( if you are pretty regular as a fella, and maybe the same as a female ( but then you need extra to wipe when you have a wee, whereas the boys might shake and let the underpants dry ), that’s 72 sheets per poo for a fella and for a lady who wees 10 times a day, and a couple of No 2’s that’s perhaps 7 sheets per wee, and 35 per No 2.

If you are in the habit of using more than this, then you should know that you are exceeding the Government Recommended Bog Roll Allowance, and ought use less.

Just so you know.

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