I’m actually excited about this!

  • Tomorrow I’ll try a day of fasting then.  As I don’t get hungry or think about food very much, it didn’t ought to be too hard! I reckon it might be productive in terms of my bloating tendencies. If I eat nothing for a whole day, it’s gotta be good for the cleansing process, right? I’ll drink loads of water, obviously so I really won’t suffer at all, I’m sure. Krisztina has declined to join me… as she is about a size 2 already I think she might become invisible altogether if she eats nothing at all….

Im also gonna subscribe to the SCD diet ( which isn’t far off what I do already, anyway, but the health benefits ( for those that suffer intestinal problems ) are significant, according to their testimonies anyway. We’ll see what happens – in my case it just means dropping potatoes ( which I don’t eat many of, and not having any porridge or milk chocolate- tho you can have dark chocolate if you want, and drink dry wine if you like – so it’s hardly punitive ).

Initially the fasting is supposed to be a bit difficult, but the theory is that it sharpens your brain, because our caveman predecessors had to think pretty sharpish about finding food, when there was none to eat, a problem we don’t have in the West.

A day a month is ok to begin with, but more is fine, and a whole week or 2 separate weeks per year is fine also.

So let’s see – im up for it, for sure. I’d say that anyone that vehemently disagrees with the concept is in the main part a bit food obsessed, which dictates their thinking – but that’s me being provocative, perhaps!



3 thoughts on “I’m actually excited about this!

  1. Russ – you might find the Michael Mosley book on fasting diets useful, also his book on repopulating your gut flora. I pay attention to what he writes, because he’s a GP and does the research, quotes the papers and authorities he looks at. He fasts one or two days a week, though his version does include a small amount of food (600 calories).

    Fasting is very popular these days – even with us food-lovers! 🙂

    I definitely found that reducing irritants in my diet (like gluten) has made me feel a lot better, and I’ve been looking at the Mosley gut book to try to get it all working well again. Obviously the key to success is planning ahead, so hopefully your carer will be able to persuade you to actually take the time to eat meals rather than existing on bananas and marmite tea. 😀

    Hopefully this will give you a boost in your health overall. I reckon you should look into nutrition overall with your scientific approach to things, as you might find ways to help with your spasms, sleep, etc. (I take magnesium supplements to help me sleep.)

    Thinking of you, mate. x

  2. Russ,

    Just want to wish you good luck in Portugal. I hadn’t looked at your blog for a while and was surprised to learn about the enforced (?) move.

    All I have is admiration for you – you’re bloody amazing. Keep going and best wishes.

    Mark Halliday

    1. Mark… I’m not(!) but thank you. Just doing what it takes to get through.
      I will get through- that’s where I am with my life – as you’ll see.
      Russ x

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