I get some fantastic messages from some fabulous people. Here’s one of the many.



I just read your blog from yesterday. Mate you made me cry in the office. For what it’s worth I don’t think you do have to make a choice to be happy or sad. I think you’ll have good days and bad days. I guess it’s like when you lose someone you love. You never stop missing them, but you find a way of living without them. There is a song I really like. It’s called Simple Things by Paulo Nutini. If you haven’t listened to it, I think you’ll like it; now more than ever. Death decided not to take you that day on the side of a mountain and there is a reason why. So far you have educated those who have spent time with you since your accident to look a little more often into their souls. That’s a huge gift you have bestowed on us. I saw Amber at the carole concert. She had her normal bounce and was singing her head off next to Jazzy on the stage. I thought about how proud you would have been. I don’t think that would have been so happy if she wasn’t looking forward to giving her dad a hug on Christmas morning. Keep going mate, I know it must feel like climbing a hill every day, but the view you’ll have once you’ve reached the top will be a level of understanding that few ever achieve.


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