Happy Christmas and charity to all men…?

Happy Christmas and Charity to All…..?

Well not exactly, not in Chiswick anyway? Just before Christmas I wheeled up to a cash point machine on Chiswick High Road. As my hands were cold I dropped a card from my wallet. Now as I can’t bend down to reach the ground I’m unable to pick things up now… so I obviously said ‘ excuse me’ to the next passer by. To my surprise she ignored me, as did the next 5/6 people that I said it to. Eventually a chap with a European accent came to my aid and picked up my card.

The fact dawned upon me that those that ignored me had assumed I was begging.

Well well, now there’s an experience. I don’t mind looking like a beggar, and don’t take any offence at that, but it does make me ashamed of the people of Chiswick, where I lived for 30 years, for their deliberate indifference to me as they carried their Waitrose bags past me and turned the other cheek.

Shame on them.

2 thoughts on “Happy Christmas and charity to all men…?

  1. Russ, you could look at it another way. Perhaps most of them have problems of their own. I often don’t see people, not on purpose but sometimes I am so wrapped up in my own problems that I don’t see anyone. People always seem to be in a rush nowadays. I sure they didn’t mean to ignore you. Since Philip died I have a lot more compassion now than I did before he became ill and died. Love to you Margaret x x

  2. Dawk, there has always be a lack of Humanity in Society. Some have never heard the mantra ‘Do unto others as you would like done to yourself’. These people on Chiswick High are insensitive and oblivious to their failings. They will never learn and grow as people.

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