Good day

Tonight I went to the theatre to see Blithe Spirit.

The thing is that I saw this very same play before in Richmond, about 2 years ago. It, as it did today, and starred Jennifer Saunders as the main character.. but I think I may have had a few too many drinks last time… so i swear I’ve not seen it before!

Anyway, Nicola and I loved it. Very funny – and it was written 80 years ago?! As with lots of plays written that long ago… because human nature hasn’t changed much , they still count just as much. Mind you… will the PC police soon step in to cancel all ‘ old fashioned notions’ and rewrite history? I think this has happened before… in all dictatorships.. the burning of books from the past etc.

Asides from that thought it was blimmin brilliant and you should go.

As I triride back from places at night i’m beyond increasingly aware of the reckless behaviour of other cyclists – not ‘ proper ‘ cyclists, who are road aware, but the numerous ( mostly under 25 ) cyclists who have rented Boris bikes and have no idea how vulnerable they are on London’s roads. Loads cycle completely randomly, on and off pavements, no hand signals, no looking behind them before they change direction, talking to people on hands free whilst they are in the traffic ( oblivious therefore to all around them )
I actually feel for the drivers who are now assumed to be at faut by default ( law wise ) when they get knocked off. Seeing what I see every time I am out at night, it’s almost certainly NOT going to be the fault of the car driver. ..

And of course I’m not against the concept of the Darwinist ‘ Elimination of the Dickheads’.

That’s a lesser known essay of his that applies here.

Oh and today I went to the National Gallery as well – just amazing stuff, everywhere.
Mind you, some of the works just CANNOT have been thought up by mentally ‘ normal’ people. A lot of those Old Masters must have been on the Mushrooms.. and I’m not joking – the mixture of nudity/ apparitions/ dragons etc etc cannot have been the creations of standard mindsets. I mean, we just don’t know what psychedelia went on back then, but mushrooms predate humanity by zillions of years … so that’s my conclusion for sure.
Am I the first to propose that, I wonder?

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