‘Huh?’ said the blog reader. 

Gasping, was me, earlier, after repeated outside uphill training pushes. 
I found an outside incline, semi covered, about 30m long and did my shuttle push routine. Pedestrians kept stopping and asking if I was ok, whether I ‘was mad’ and if I was cold, in my shorts. 
I wasn’t the last two, and I was barely the first. Not exactly the Hymalayas but a hill of sorts. At the ‘top’ I’d be doubled over with fatigue. I know it’s gonna be hard this recovery thing, but the rate of improvement has only one factor…MY determination. 
Ok there are others: arse injury avoidance, sickness avoidance  and luck, but you know what I mean. 
I was so tired I went back to bed at 1pm, only to be up again at 2 for ‘education ‘. 
We did ‘stress coping’ and the psychological impact of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI, round here). The good news is that most SCI victims go on to be as happy as Larry, no more likely to be depressed than any other slice of the populace. 
And that’s the odd thing, most of the wheelies around here are bloody cheerful most of the time! How can that be, given that all of our lives have been ruined?
I still wake up hoping it was all a horrible dream, but then acceptance kicks in. 
It’s getting easier.  
The more you can do, yourself, the less useless you feel and the better your esteem. I’m a mile away from being self sufficient but I can see the light in the far distance. At the moment it’s about as bright as a glow worm’s arse, but it is winking at me. 
Thanks to Emma Fountain for visiting me, all the way from Hereford (!) and to Aideen Jenkins   Aideen brought me dinner too ( and wine ). Get this, she’d popped into the very posh and lovely ‘Riva’ restaurant in Barnes and asked if they’d do a takeaway… Hearing of my ‘plight’ the owner insisted she take a meal in a foil tray, for me, and on the house. I’ve had the pleasure of going there quite a few times in the past, but you know, that’s a beautiful gesture by them, and I’m very grateful. Plus, it tasted  bloody great. 
Emma sells ‘Wonky Ware’ crockery, imported from South Africa. We’ve got a lot of it and it’s really cool, hard wearing and dishwasher proof too! Yes, I’m blatantly plugging the product, and her. 
She has a website

Emma Aldous-Fountain  These great ovalWonki Ware platters make an excellent addition to the table.

Check it out anyhow 🙂
Tomorrow I go home at 3pm hopefully, my first 3 day weekend!
I hope to watch Lily play hockey then retire to my kitchen boudoir. 
The idea is that I’ll be rested and raring to go on Friday night. I hope I’ll have the stamina to say hello to 200 of my closest friends. 
On that note, I’d better get some shut eye.  

2 thoughts on “Gasping.

  1. See you Friday evening and pace yourself, no getting pissed in the first 2 hours. I have some wonderful peppermint flavour udder cream ready for this epic peddle to keep my arse in check – fancy a handful?

  2. Brilliant blog installment tonight Russ; so positive; so upbeat; so focused on the end game and so utterly resolute abt you getting there. I know you won’t always feel Ike this ‘ups and downs,,,,,not just on your mini incline wheelchair training’ ha ha ,,,,,,are inevitable! Looking forward to seeing you Friday x

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