From mates around the world

From friends around the world. 

Just came back from Qatar where I (and everyone) has to go a screening going in and out. I’m not socialising.  Ty

Yea we are not allowed out at all. It’s crazy over here. You are not allowed out for a walk or to ride your bike. Or go anywhere

John and I in la seca but we were in madrid few days ago and now we can’t see my parents in case we are incubating the virus. We can only go out to the supermarket or pharmacy otherwise we get a find by the police!! Thankfully we have the excuse of working in the vineyards so we can get to the countryside and stretch our legs!!! It’s just surreal xxxxxlook after yourselves

South Africa 
SA stopping sale of alcohol after 6 pm in restaurants and bars from Friday that will stop anyone going out 🤣
a lot of my friends not on board .. still organising play dates .. people going to each other houses for dinner 😡so bloody irritated

Jaysus you said it . ..disappointed in some of my mates .. some who have gone into spend a fortune stockpiling  and others who are in denial thinking this weekend they will head on their term break holiday

we are all five at home. my wife is getting crazy… I personally escape to work I’m the only one in the office all the others work from home… we are all supposed to stay at home but some exceptions… bars, restaurants are closed. there are few cars on the streets as if it was war period…we hope that this measure  will get results and get all of us free within two weeks…
Yup. You stay safe man. Calm before the storm here. A few patients in ICU; I think crunch time will start in 10 days. Social isolation is being pretty strictly observed though.All pubs shut here since Sunday. In fact very few people have gone to a pub in nearly 10 days. I mean they cancelled St Patrick’s Day !!!
I think the Londoners are being naive.

Yeh town is quiet not many people walking about but I popped to the bank yesterday and Wetherspoons was busy, for every two sensible people there seem to be ten idiots, in Port Talbot anyway 🙈

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