Football fans

I’ve just been to see Brentford vs Everton

It’s bloody freezing in West London. I’ve never done this before, but today I had a hot water bottle inside my jacket… and I definitely wasn’t hot! That says it all.

Brentford won – good on em! – which was a relief, after a bad run … but I’m still surprised by how unpleasant football fans are to each other.
As I wheeled out of the stadium there were 3 guys having a an exchange of words.

I heard the Brentford fan say ‘ F*** off, you rat eating Scouser ‘

Well that’s nice. isn’t it ? The fella from Liverpool was a bit thin, but I doubt he actually has to eat rats – after all he could afford to get to London to watch his team… but maybe he went without Pot Noodles for a while, and did eat rats, so he could afford the MegaBus from Liverpool? It’s possible!

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