Solutions/treatment/good ( the correct ) advice.

My infection has gone. Possibly it had actually gone a bit ago. Really hard to say.
My bloody spasms have diminished by doing a few things at the right times of the day.
Principally the new medication that stops the internal spasms of my poor bladder ( which has been through the mill ). When that spasms ( mostly because of the presence of a ( foreign body ) catheter poking into it, my legs also spasm. Also any trapped gas inside me causes spasms. I can’t tell what the cause is specifically, but I have to always/ every day address the possibility ( probability ) of it happening.
I’m now on a medication that stops my bladder being so sensitive, and also something called Hiprex which makes your bladder contents more acidic ( especially when taken with a horse sized Vitamin C supplement. The Vit C further makes your pee inside more acidic. In that internal environment bacteria can’t multiply so die.
The jury seems out on whether it kills a UTI but it seems in most people to make it unlikely that you’ll get one In the first place. I had been told you couldn’t take it til any UTI was gone, and I thought mine hadn’t. Now I’m not anywhere near as certain. It may have gone a bit ago but my symptoms persisted so I thought it hadn’t.
Last night I had more than 9 hours sleep. Not right through but kinda close.
Nine plus hours is more in total than I’ve been getting in 3/4 nights, so it’s transformational.
I had another test ( called Urodynamics ) yesterday which measured bladder function more accurately. It’s all information for Mr Shah, my urologist, whom I’m wish I met a long time ago.

I have been at rock bottom for such a long time but I am not now.
Thanks to my family and friends that have supported me in the darkness.
I’ve not been able to ‘live ‘ at all for 2 months but now everything seems far less shite.

I’m definitely not going to ever be complacent about medication taking or strategies to prevent recurrence.

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