Feel for me. Baby.

Saw Roachford tonight.
Proper old skool.
I bought the tickets in early 2019 – no less than 6 postponements later – and I saw them.
I was quite young when I bought the tickets. All the men in the crowd were bald. I’m sure lots probably had hair when they bought the tickets.

Anyway – me n my homie Neal aren’t bald – nowhere near it. I still very much have to ask the barber to use those thinning scissors- cos my hair is too thick. Possibly that’s because my hair parallels my brain.

I was hungover when I got to the gig – blimey I’ve got another one tomorrow.

There’s a chance I may just drop dead tbh.

2 thoughts on “Feel for me. Baby.

  1. Wow, that’s a blast from the past! I remember Roachford playing our students’ union when I was in Poly in the 80s. They were great live.
    Nowadays, when I go to gigs a lot of the men are bald. And there’s a fashion for tweed sports jackets worn with jeans that are turned up at the bottom and either brown brogue ankle boots or Converse AllStars.

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