This week has been unusual in that I’ve seen my family. My parents came on Tuesday, and stayed the night for the first time, and then my older brother dropped in from the US of A and spent Wednesday evening and last night with me ( and last night met the lovely Wendy )

My parents were on top form, and it was just brilliant to see my brother. Funny isn’t it with siblings – you still think of them like when you were all kids, but now you really aren’t, and actually have kids yourself that are almost not kids anymore. In reality you are very much grown up. My brother has become a very wise fella, helped in that by his career having led him to meet an awful lot of people, and his insights were most helpful about a lot of things, enabling me to look at things from a different perspective, ultimately to help remove certain ways of thinking from my mind. There are things that have bothered me for years that now I think won’t in the same way. Sometimes you want things that you are unlikely to get, and the more difficult it seems to obtain them the more you want them, losing sight of what it was that you would actually have achieved by wanting them in the first place. Looking again at certain things now that I’ve felt were absent and important to me, I realise that in fact they are far far less important than I thought they were, and if I’d had them I wouldn’t really have been better off than I already am.

He and Wendy got on really well, which of course was expected, and he said how special she was, to me. She was laughing as she and I went home ( from a restaurant! ) and said ‘ he’s like a more sophisticated version of you, isn’t he?’

Bloody hell, what a thing to say! Even more polished than me?! He must be bloody gleaming, right? I’m surprised you don’t have to wear sunglasses to even look at him…..

As he wasn’t always as he has become, it does prove one thing.

You really can polish a turd.

Yesterday I found out what it is they are doing to Brentford, as they are pretty much knocking the whole town centre down and starting again. It’s going to be very different here in about 3 years, and by 2027 it’ll be completely unrecognisable. By then I’ll be almost 30…. but almost certainly not yet a grown up….

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  1. Your big brother has always been pretty good with advice. I’m sure he’s even better now, since as a teenager his good advice was mainly about dating, music and ski racing. (Still good though, and very helpful to this nerdy kid.)
    And you are never going to grow up, Russ, don’t worry about that, mate! 😀

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