It’s Easter weekend again. For so many years Easter signified a canoe race, rather than eggs, or anything religious.
Try as I might.. and I DO try… my mind takes me to far more physically able times.
For sure, if I wasn’t paralysed, I’d still be entering the DW – possibly/ almost certainly the most extreme one day challenge in the UK.

If you don’t already know, it’s a race from a little town called Devizes, all the way to the bridge at the Houses of Parliament. What an epic finishing line.
The sense of absolute relief at finally getting there completely overwhelms the historic view and setting.
Eleven times I was in this race, without ever ‘ enjoying ‘ it, yet the pull to keep doing it is irresistible ( for many ).

Second place was my best result, only 10 minutes adrift of first place after 17 and a half hours… and you then think of all the little errors you made that accumulated the ten minutes… without which you would have won.

Too late now though!

Happy Easter folks!

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