Driver no 6 on the 237 route.

Well the buses have improved…. but the other day, for the second time I was humiliated by the same driver. who told me again to move my wheelchair further into the tiny space on this particular bus that is for a wheelchair. He shouted out that he’d told me before about this…. ‘ this’ actually being the fact that I cannot physically get a square peg into a round hole, that being the situation.

He refused to start the bus until I’d done the impossible, and then told me to get off. The other passengers were all incredulous and supportive of me. When another bus appeared, for the sake of my journey time we got off, and onto the other bus, all 4 of us.

I guess the driver doesn’t realise that everything is being filmed by his own onboard camera and this provides all evidence of his own wrongdoing.

That’s the stuff that will lead to his own disciplinary… see email below from TfL in response to the one from Wendy.

10 April 2019

Dear Ms *******

Thank you for your feedback form of 6 April detailing an incident with a driver on a route 237 bus.

I was very concerned to learn of the events you describe. I’m sorry this incident occurred and you’ve experienced similar problems with the driver on another occasion. 

As part of their qualification drivers are required to attend a Disability Equality training seminar. The focus of this training is to raise awareness of the issues faced by disabled customers when using buses. It aims to provide staff with the skills to meet their needs more effectively. It’s extremely disappointing to hear of a driver behaving in the manner described.

The dedicated wheelchair space on all our buses is designed to allow a single rearward facing wheelchair user to travel safely. Drivers should always offer assistance when a wheelchair user is looking to board. We want wheelchair users to feel confident about travelling on the bus network. 

Details of your experience have been passed to Metroline, who operate route 237 for us, for investigation. The operator confirms CCTV footage from the bus has been requested and will be used as part of its investigation. An interview will take place and this will be followed up with appropriate steps in line with the operator’s company procedures.

Thank you again for contacting us and please pass on my apology to your partner. If there’s anything else we can help you with, please reply to this email. Alternatively, you can call us on 0343 222 1234 and we’ll be happy to help you.

Kind regards

Andrew Ackford
Customer Service Adviser
Transport for London Customer Services

7 thoughts on “Driver no 6 on the 237 route.

      1. I was thinking of putting the “H” in but as you know I have been well brought up. (dragged up as my Mum often said) Love Marge…. Is it the 237 that goes from Hounslow to the White City? If it is I I will be keeping my eyes for the driver of that bus. Love Marge x x x

          1. I am on the case. I will go out next week armed with my Senior Citizens Bus Pass, my friend Rose who is a Soldier with the Salvation Army and sort him out. Marge xxxxxxxxx

  1. Dawk, this Moron bus driver totally lacks social skills & sensitivity and is a dreadful Ambassador for TfL. He should be disciplined and sent on a mandatory introductory Manners course before embarking on Customer training again.

    1. And hopefully that is what will happen. I’m bound to encounter this driver again. I wonder how he will be next time.

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