Dreaming spires

And I got a ( brand new ! ) train to Oxford yesterday. Well ok it was 2 trains, and the second one wasn’t new ( either ).

Anyway it was quite easy – BECAUSE the station in Ealing has been all modernised (!), including having LIFTS to ALL platforms…. As opposed to NO LIFTS TO ANY PLATFORMS …, so for me, that’s brilliant. Suddenly my ability to travel is better than it was!

Gawd, Oxford is a beautiful town. I’d not really looked around it before, but true to form Lily was far later meeting me than we’d arranged, so I had time to wander.
As I know Lily will NEVER be on time, I don’t stress in the slightest about it. Ok so 2 hours later than arranged is a lot, but it doesn’t matter …. 🤦‍♂️

I’m so very proud of Lily, and her work ethic that got her there. I certainly didn’t ever apply myself in the way that she has/ does. That ethic, combined with a real flair for English, has got her into a place that only the best of the best get to savour.

She looks so happy, is clearly having a brilliant time, had made loads of new friends, and academically is really impressing her tutors. (That last bit is EVER SO impressive).

3 thoughts on “Dreaming spires

  1. I’m so glad she’s having such success. She certainly has a heck of a work ethic, which is a wonderful thing. I think young people nowadays work a lot harder than we did in our day. Oxford is a beautiful city, isn’t it? I got to wander around it when I visited a friend’s son doing his Masters.

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