Doing your bit.

I’ve been credited with saving a life…

Someone I once met, whilst with Lizzy, had decided he’d couldn’t take any more and was going to check out ( kill himself ).
This particular gentleman is an artist, and really has a fantastic talent. I’d bought something from him for Lizzy a few months ago.

Alerted to his situation, I sent him a fairly long message, telling him ‘ my story’ – detailing my mindset, from dark and without hope or joy, through to being at peace and genuinely ‘ enjoying life ‘.
After a while he replied and told me that my contact had made the difference, and that relatively his situation hadn’t seemed quite so dire, and that his thinking had been changed.

It’s worth it, isn’t it, helping a lost soul, and there being a happier outcome because you took the time. Having been on the receiving end of amazing love and friendship without which I wouldn’t be here, I can testify that giving of yourself to a lost soul is a very worthy endeavour.

Tonight I go with, my friend Kerry, to meet Leigh n Bev in north London and see the crazy De Staat. Last time I saw them it was beyond good, despite having had a railway calamity on the way. Now you can book assistance ( ramps ) online… and it actually works too.. Fingers crossed because K is as feeble as a kitten, and there’s NO chance she’d be able to get me on or off a train… 🤦‍♂️🤷

4 thoughts on “Doing your bit.

  1. Brilliant story Russ, despite what you think you are really inspiring to others even if we can never say we’ve had a bad day – it’s all relative 🤷🏻‍♀️

    However… I don’t think my bootcamp instructor would agree with your take on my strength, it is merely impaired on occasion by alcohol 🤗Kx

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