Well a more consistent sleep pattern now. Four hours, sometimes more. That’s enough to survive on.

At least it enables me to function a bit.

Now as though things aren’t already a little problematic… I’ve now got 2 very dodgy looking moles appeared that need urgent inspection… so waiting for that.
Also I now have a strange persistent cough and a weird taste when I do. Hmmm , what can I say.

Aside from that life is a little better. I still don’t understand football but I’m still going to Brentford today to watch them vs the ( kinda ) illustrious Luton. Theoretically we ought win.
My social life is limited, dictated by spasms and whatever is happening in my ‘ insides’. Thats a euphemism for the unsavoury things.

Friends have been very helpful recently, I have to say, and I’m very glad I have them.
Gina has been a superstar of course, having spent far more time with me than ever before, and big love to my mum and dad. They have been awesome tbh.

And a special mention to my friend Ali.

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