December 27th.

I seem to have turned into a real Do Gooder.

Today I reported a gas leak ( as in a strong smell of gas ) outside a premises near to where I live. The thing is, I had already reported it about 5 days ago. The smell is REALLY strong and I’m surprised it wasn’t remedied.

If you are walking past Pets at Home in Brentford and you are close to the open and fenced off manhole cover, I definitely wouldn’t recommend you choose that moment to light your fag.

And in addition… I reckon I’ve now told about 200 people about their faulty brake lights that I seem to have a knack for spotting. As I stop alongside and tap their side window, most drivers look warily/ fearfully at me, and seem surprised I then say something ‘ community minded ‘ ie ‘ just wanted to tell you you’re missing a brake light ‘ ..

Had a great Christmas!
Thanks to my folks for coming down and to my Mum for cooking. No matter how often I say I eat a plant based diet, she still cooks something meaty when she cooks at mine.

No matter! First time I’ve had beef in several years, and of course it did taste lovely. Obviously I didn’t go plant based because of the taste of meat.
Anyway (!) we had a great time, as I did generally in December tbh ( despite divorce court shenanigans)

Always look on the bright side of life… not always been dead obvious these last 9 years.

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