Dawkins’s on tour.

It gives me a kind of proud glow to see the next generation ‘ come of age ‘, as it were.

My lil brother, Stu, and his 2 sons have gone skiing to Austria. One of his boys is of slight stature, and like all 3 of them mild mannered and definitely not looking for trouble. Last night they are in a bar and a German fella has picked on young Ben for no reason. What he doesn’t realise is that ‘ the Yeti stood 3 feet away from him ‘ ( Stu’s words, not mine ) is his brother. My other nephew is no ordinary type, you see. He’s a powerlifter, and about as strong as you can imagine a human to be.

So imagine his German surprise when he found himself lifted off his feet and flying through the door, landing without his shirt.

It’s cold at night in those ski resorts – he could have done with that shirt, out there on the icy pavement, I’m sure.

Morale of the story ? If you are about to start a fight with a little chap, just take a moment to see who he’s with first.

One thought on “Dawkins’s on tour.

  1. Sam is definitely a well-muscled young man! He’s very polite and well-mannered usually though, so the oaf who was picking on Ben must have really been obnoxious. Hope Team Dawkins is having a fun time over there otherwise; I hear the powder is astonishing this year. 😀

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