C’mon you Bees ( they said )

So very strange.
I’m actually INSIDE a pub. Well that’s a first for a long time and I feel genuinely nervous because there must be 40 other people in here too.
It just seems wrong.
I didn’t expect to feel this way at all.

It’s also another first. I’m going to see Brentford play football. Well I live here, so I thought I’d buy a season ticket, despite not actually liking football very much, and only having been to 2 football matches in my life – one in Cardiff about 20 years ago, and another 8 years ago. That one is sort of more significant because a week later I was in a coma In Toulon. That game was Arsenal vs somebody, and tonight is Brentford vs Arsenal. That’s a bit spooky.

I’m the first here, of 6 of us. I gave myself lots of time because I have a new wheelchair that elevates me to about 5 foot 8. That’s good! I’m sick of being dwarf sized. Can I say that? Well, it was just … a little… joke.
( unplanned joke, that one, but I made myself laugh, which is the main thing )

Anyway, I ordered a Guinness at the bar and it’s in a paper cup? I asked why, and it’s because the cops told them to serve all drinks in paper cups.
Welcome to the World of being a Football Supporter then…isn’t that a shocker? Everyone in here looks friendly, but I expect I could be glassed ( well, paper’ed now ) at any moment, because I’m actually wearing a Brentford t shirt.
Well that’ll teach me then.

Obvs the favourites are Arsenal – they’re pretty good, I know.

I can’t imagine I’ll be chanting. Coming to a game is a big step from my ‘essence’, but chanting would be wayyy more unlikely.

I’m not sure what else to write. I’m actually way out of my zone here!

Better news than even coming to a Brentford game is that my Triride is back and I’m definitely going to Portugal with the long suffering Gina, on Monday. And whilst there I say my old chum Lee, on my birthday, which is soon! When I had to live in Portugal for a period, in 2018, Lee was my 24/7 help. He’s a top man, and apparently he’s even shaved off his Doctor Livingstone ( I presume ) LLB ( long lockdown beard )
Well TF for that, cos he looked terrible! 😂

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