Chris Myatt.

And my lovely and loyal friend, who in June collapsed and was helicoptered to hospital… to find he had a brain tumour… and only 2 years to live … with absolutely no awareness he was even unwell… has now gone into end of life care in a hospice.

Chris I’m so very sorry I can’t give you a hug. Your lovely wife Trudy has promised to do so for me.
I can’t believe this has happened to you.

You are a true friend and one of the best, Chris.

Sending all of my love to you.

2 thoughts on “Chris Myatt.

  1. Yesterday 13/05/23, about 50 old friends did a memorial walk based on Bradford-on-Avon (Chris’s home town) in memory of Chris, with Trudy, Hannah and Tom. It would have been his birthday on Monday 15th.

    1. Hi Andy.
      I knew that and messaged lovely Trudy. I saw the picture of you all.
      Clearly Chris was very loved

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