The last time I came to NY was to run the marathon. 

It was around 2002, and I’d run London 6 months earlier. 
I remember I went through halfway in 1 hour 31 minutes and was heading for a personal best, feeling really strong 
At 16 miles my right knee started to hurt, and I started to slow. The pain wore me down and I began to stop and walk for 30 seconds every half mile or so. 
I finished in 3.14, equalling my London time six months earlier, funnily enough, but in far worse shape this time, limping badly. Anyway, the pain disappeared pretty quickly, I met Dani back at the hotel ( she’d run it too ) and then we hit the bar in the W Hotel. 
It was a fun night. 
We raised quite a lot for charity too, I forget which cause, possibly Breakthrough Breast Cancer. 
Every time I took on a challenge I tried to raise something, including Headway ( brain injuries ), Alzheimer’s , various cancer charities and Shooting Stars hospice. 
I never imagined I’d be afflicted by a condition that other people would raise money for though. You don’t, do you, when you’re fit and well?
My own charity, Back on Track Trust, should be up and running before too long  , and I hope we can help men and women like me to rebuild their lives through sport/ fitness. 
If any of you want to raise money for a cause over the coming years, I’d urge you to consider spinal injuries charities, as the whole thing is very poorly funded by the state, as so few people ( relatively ) are affected. 

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