Jesus, I wrote the blog entry and it bloody disappeared!

Here goes again…
At 9.30 am on Saturday I was picked up by Dan and Terry and whisked to Cardiff..
In the other cars were Adam, Voj, Chris and a whole lot of Chris’s mates, all part of the Farewell Chris Tour. 
After 12 years of working at the Hogarth, he’s finally going back to Oz. 
God knows how, but he managed, along the way, to pull and eventually marry ( in May ) the luscious Linda. 
She sees something in him invisible to the rest of us..;)
I’ve seen him naked and it’s not that either. 
I’ve cycled, drunk, and skied ( he’s boarded ) with Chris over the years, and he’s a cracking boy. 
He’s pretty good at cycling, but got his ass kicked by the older guy on snow.. 🙂
I’ll post his stag weekend Daffyd ‘ the only gay on a snowboard’ a bit later on!
Unfortunately Oz have beaten Wales on the last 8 occasions… Leaving Chris in a position of strength at these annual autumn internationals, and this year saw him grinning from ear to ear yet again. 
The Git. 
His and Linda’s wedding this year was a cracker, typically ending with male semi nudity… And full nudity by Adam. 
The Millenium Stadium is bloody brilliant for wheelchairs, and a lot better than Twickenham. They’ve got purpose built platforms, with TV screens too for the Wheelies, and really, really helpful stewards, who can’t do enough for you. 
We met at Ground Zero on Westgate St before the game, where the staff were brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble, shipping me up and down in the freight lift regularly, to the bog. 
In the ground, to my massive surprise and pleasure, I met up with ( because they came and found me ) my brother Stu, his boys Sam ( sporting well dodgy Swansea Uni haircut, tea cosy hat and GINGER beard? – surely the girls in Swansea don’t know LIKE that ?) and Ben, my cousin Delmie with his son Ross, and my Uncle Mike. They stayed and had a few beers with me at one of the Stadium bars til 8, after which we said goodbye, wheeled back to the car and headed for London again. 
Every previous visit for one of these autumn games has ended in a carnage of beers and teenage behaviour, always staying overnight in Cardiff. 
Maybe it was time I finally grew up?  This has kind of forced my hand ( for now at least ).
Dan slept most of the way back, hilariously, in a sleeping bag on the back seat. As he had a party to go to, I reckon it was a smart move, leaving Terry to do the driving, which he did like a pro. 
I didn’t realise you could drive at over a 100 all the way without getting pulled over, but it seems you can? Obviously driving someone  else’s car is the best licence saving strategy..
I’d like to thank everyone that made my day easy for me. 
I was pretty nervous about what seemed like an enormous day out ( certainly my most adventurous in 6 months ), but as it turned out I had nothing to fear. 
And I swear the girls in Cardiff are better looking than the ones in Twickenham. 
PS great to see Emily today, my lovely God daughter. 
PPS  I remeasured my lung capacity today, using my own device, the same one I’ve used for years. 
I got FOUR litres! That actually looks like what I FEEL I’ve got. 
I’m really pleased about that, not least because I’ll try adaptive skiing in 3 weeks time in Vermont USA and with less lung than that, I’d probably die!

1 thought on “Cardiff.

  1. Glad you had a good time Russ.
    The guys were really pleased they got to meet up with you, especially Ross… being a young daredevil himself, he’s quite in awe of all the things you’ve achieved 🙂
    He was happy to have been able to give you some tips on your swimming and has some hand paddles he’s going to pop in the post to you, which he thinks will help you.
    Love to all the family,
    Jo x

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