Blimey. Too much on.
This week I’m actually out every night, Monday to Saturday… it’s not really by design, honest Guv.

Great to see Marky P at our Pint of Science night – presentations by academics to peeps in a pub. Great idea – and I try to understand what they’re on about.. which last night was all about radiotherapy, and medicine delivery influenced by the presence of iron ( rust ) nanoparticules… using magnets.
When you go along for your radiotherapy, you’ve no idea that the room you get it in is actually at the end of a kinda very long particle accelerator… that may be a hundred metres long. All very clever!

Tonight I see a lady called Fletcher in Shepherds
Bush Academy – postponed about 3 times until tonight.

My friend Gaynor and I went to see a play called Jerusalem on Friday … what a load of rubbish.. made worse by the loss of my wallet and all contents.. thus my coming home by road rather than the Tube – no money or cards.. see 🤦‍♂️

Thanks to JJ for dinner on Saturday.. yum. Not often I actually go to restaurants.. let alone be treated to dinner. Thank you! X

Lovely to see my folks last week, with lunch in the sun outside.. again treated by my Old Dear.
And thanks to my legal side for their brilliant job last week. Also Kerry and I saw To kill a Mockingbird… just brilliant. Thats a must see.
( actually she bought me a bag of crisps as well ) And we saw the mighty Brentford thrash Southampton 3-0. Cmon you Bees ( that’s what I’m supposed to say )

It’s all going on, that’s for sure!

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