Hello lovely peeps,

So as you can see from Russ’s lovely heart warming posts he is continuing to make steady progress and is getting stronger with each day.

Since Russ’s return he has had literally countless visitors and has without doubt been the the most popular patient in London this last month let alone just the LBH…with perhaps the exception of HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.

Russ’s moral has been hugely boosted by the love and commitment that has been shown by you all in every way, from reading his blog, to visiting him in France and now visiting at the LBH.  Sorry if that sounds a bit flowery to you macho types (see above).

Today my new name is ‘Bouncer’ but not as in the friendly dog in neighbors… 🙂

The lovely, dedicated nurses have been on our backs….

Visiting Russ:

The nurses have specifically requested that the following times be kept free for them to do their stuff with Russ…it is uber important:

11am-12pm and again 2pm-4pm

Russ also needs to rest an awful lot each day.  His body has suffered an unbelievable stress which it is still recovering from and this adds to his tiredness along with his injured lungs that reduce his oxygen levels.

Please, please DO continue to visit with the same intensity but please could you perhaps keep your visits to a maximum of 20 mins (unless v close friends/family – you know who you are).  Please could you also use the calender if you are intending to stay for more than 10 mins as some days Russ gets tired and may need to cancel.  If your visit is on the calender, he can contact you but if it is not and you turn up he will feel too sorry for you to turn you away…and then he will get tired.

I have a calender on line which is quite easy to access.  If you are not already able to access please email me at and I will send you a link.
If you are a complete technophobe, just email me and I will book you a slot!

I am pretty sure that Russ will not like or agree to the above but our priority right now is to get Russ fit enough to snuggle up on the sofa with Dani and the girls (just before he rows across the atlantic) and that might take a bit of resting along with the love and support of you all…. a very fine a balance…whilst I write this I kind of know that I am going to be asking you all to increase your visits to 3 hours again next week….;-)

I feel I need to add those immortal lines…’Your name is not on the list, you are not coming in!’….as they used to recite to me at ‘The Met Bar’ all those years ago when I was known as Spartacus… 😉

2 thoughts on “Bouncer.

  1. Hey big man, Great to see the improvements ‘slowly but surely’ is usually the case but in yours it seems ‘in leaps and bounds’ fits better. I’m willing you every moment of the way. I’ve booked in with the ‘Bouncer Calender’, don’t want to tire you out, or be turned away as unwanted flotsam. Best of wishes Mark

    Russ, this is my third attempt at getting message to you – thanks to Chris for sitting next to me and helping! Techno dunce or what!!! -me, not Chris!!
    Anyway, what wanted to say was we were giving special comment amongst us, Bennfors family, as we went Kayaking today, first for our children. Did hour and half around small part of Jersey coast – it was beautiful. I was pleased that I did not find it difficult apart from my bum went soooo numb – how did you last the Yukon race without bum numbness!!
    Keeping in touch via this blog and, like all, you and the family are never far from our thoughts.
    lots of love, Caroline

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