Before and Afters

Dani has asked me to post these photos of Russ which were taken 9 days after the accident.

These photos are desperately unpleasant and were taken at a very critical time.  Today they are being used to promote the utter strength of character and determination that has been required to defy medical opinion and display a unique human spirit and fight for survival.

 They are very shocking as this was when Russ was in a coma and was attached to every contraption under the sun, including a dialysis machine, lung train, blood transfusion, ventilator, etc!  During this time every tube was keeping him alive. He was like this for over two weeks.  Poor Russ was in a very, very bad way….but….

The last photo of Russ with his beautiful girls at his side is how he looks today…this evening and I think you will all agree that there has been a remarkable transformation of super human strengths yet again! (He even looks a little bit like Clark Kent!).  This has only been 14 days after the other photos…..well done Russ, if you can keep up this pace you will be home in London in just  a few weeks! xxx

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