Bedtime experiences.

Bed rest is no fun. 

Despite having 8 visitors today, all of whom were absolutely lovely (Dani, Debs, Chrissy, Dan, James. Nic and Jay ), the frustration of being confined to bed is significant. 
I’ve pulled on my resistance straps, tried to stretch and move what I can as much as poss, yet still can’t get comfortable!
Hopefully I’ll be ok by Friday. 
Again Dan excels himself with his post last night..
I hope a whole lot of you can make it on the 18th of October to The Hogath Club to ride a bike for the Spine-a-thon and/ or come to gimme a kiss!
Just had a thought. How about the ladies all wearing vivid lipstick and targeting a total covering of my face in the stuff. 
Only one kiss per cute lady, ok 😉
PS a certain James Cracknell came to see me today ( as he did in Toulon , a visit I can’t recollect as I was semi comatosed ). 
James won two Olympic gold medals in rowing and is a household name in Britain. He’s an extraordinary guy, whose exploits have made the papers ( as well as 3 books ) for many yrs. 
But we have something in common, besides being mates, in that we both suffered horrific bicycle crashes , both were comatosed, and both have been irreversibly affected for life. 
J and I talked a fair bit today, and I felt a deeper connection than ever before. We’ve both lost a lot, but in different ways, him more sensory and me more physically. 
There is however the possibility that in both our personal lives and in our outward projected personas that we can yet become better people than we were before.
But that’s up to him and I. 
I hope that both of us are able to be strong enough to  grasp the opportunity. 

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