Bands are back.

I went to a gig last night. It was Kasabian in Brixton. They were fantastic! I’ve seen them a few times before, but last night they were so much better then previously.
They have changed their lead singer, after the original one was arrested and charged for assaulting his girlfriend.
The band fired him.
His girlfriend married him… One of their big hits is ‘ I’m in Love with a Psycho’ … and Im wondering if they played that whist she walked down the aisle?

I’m sure he’s a changed man .. but the band is definitely better off. The new fella is seriously charismatic on stage and is a crowd pleaser… which is what you want when you see a band – you want to hear them play your favourite songs ( their hits ) and that’s exactly what they did.

5000 people and no masks. I’m away at the side on a platform… but there is bound to be Covid all over the place.

You get all sorts on the Spaz platform. Most are in wheelchairs, but not everyone. There was a girl arrived a couple of songs late that came with her very large breasted friend as her looker afterer.
A few songs later the band had a bit of a Lazer light show going on and there was a lot of flashing. The girl in the chair started to look a bit distressed and put her hand over her face… and I guessed she was probably epileptic. With that her friend suddenly grabbed her seated friend’s face and just stuck it between her ample breasts, to shield her from the lights… and released her once they’d stopped. She did then explain that her friend was indeed epileptic.

To be honest.. … I considered faking an epileptic fit myself after that ! 😅

As loads of gigs got postponed and rescheduled because of the pandemic… I’ve got another one tonight in North London. I’ve got a personal rule – I don’t cancel these commitments – it would be so easy to find an excuse to not do stuff ( because NOTHING is straightforward for me ) .. so I am going to go ( even though I don’t really want to ) but always always I’m glad I made the effort.

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