August 17th 2020

Not written much of late, have I ?

Stuff like online dating has occupied my time for a bit … well something has to!

I’ve met quite a few people doing it, and mostly lovely tbh. It’s definitely one way to make new friends, that’s for sure. Obvs my own dating tales are things I shouldn’t write about much ( or I pretend they happened to someone else ) .. but I now get to hear about other people’s tales… and blimey they really are hilarious!

Most of the funny bits are to do with the sex , or the sex avoidance that goes on.
Anyway I’ll tell more soon.

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I should be in Portugal.. but travelling is complicated enough already for me, without the added virus stuff 🤦‍♂️

And I had my first spliff the other night too?! I can’t say that tobacco is good for my lungs tho. Gawd, in the viral situation I think anyone that is still smoking is mental!

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