Another crash.

Jesus, last night I fell out of my wheelchair. 

Tipped back, smashed my head against a glass wall, slid down it ( fast ) and landed on my back, very hard 
First thing I did: check I could still feel the bits of me I have sensation in…. I had a terrifying feeling that I’d re broken my back. 
Realising I’d not, I lay there for about 5 minutes whilst Dani and Kim, plus Jonny from next door ( summoned to my rescue) prepared to hoist me back to my chair. 
It’s not an experience I want repeated in a hurry to be honest. I’m not built up enough yet to have a lot of padding, so it was concrete on bone. 
Today my neck’s pretty sore still. 
But I’m still here. 
Jerry Fountain came last night, followed by Stu, Mandy and Ben. We had a laugh plus planned my proposed trip by train to Cardiff next month to see Wales play Australia in the Millenium Stadium. 
The Hogarth Boys and Dan, plus Stu, are gonna look after me. I couldn’t have a better bunch of guys aRound the Table if I was King Arthur himself. 
Hope to get the train up, drink beer, watch the game, and get back in one piece. It’ll be my first big adventure since my injury. 
Nervous? A little. 

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