And another email to me..

Fuck Babs M!

Take things from wence they come – that person didn’t even leave their full or proper name … so you can’t possibly take that seriously.

Tony gets hit by awful comments from random bloggers – it is awful – but it is also untrue so how can you take it on board!   Stupid people!

It is because you are flying above the radar now – have lots of followers – there will always be a hater – don’t know why but there always will be, I suppose it is just a numbers game really.  

And just for the record there literally has not been one word that you have written that has come across arrogantly and I don’t know you that well.  Just saying!

Your physical healing will no doubt be faster than your emotional healing, and I honestly believe that the only way to conquer emotional pain is to go through it, you can’t avoid or skirt it – just go through it and feel however you do actually feel, being down is part of it – some people take a month to get through what other people take 5 years to – it’s all different.  Only you know!  The right people will support you.

Take care …  Happy Travelling.


2 thoughts on “And another email to me..

  1. You wouldn’t know me if I did giver my name so why should I. I am entitled to my opinion. Yes I have met Russ and I don’t hate him. What a stupid thing to say.

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