An exchange between me, and Ruth. Not seen her since Uni in Cardiff. Great girl.

Hey Ruth!

F’ing nice to hear from you!

Firstly, I’ve read the newsletter and it’s bloody funny – really reminds me of how we were in Uni. Everything was funny and nothing was offensive. 
We’d do horrible stuff to eachother all the time, and laugh our heads off. 

Adam reminded me that Gronw was handcuffed to the lamp post outside the Woodie (?) and I wandered up and asked him what he was doing.., while he was answering I had a pee on his leg…
Bad right?! 
I’ve absolutely zero memory at all of that, as I guess it was the sort of thing that happened almost daily!
Poor Gronw. Feel bad now 🙂

Didn’t I lock you in a room with Hartley til you were forced to pee in his basin?
Er, sorry bout that… 

Thing is, I was still doing terrible things like that right up til June this year. 
Then, all of a sudden, well you know the rest. 

Make the most of every day Ruthy, you never know when you won’t be able to. 
Tell your boys to keep misbehaving, keep being irreverent, avoid conforming ( except maybe in work ), as life is for living. Stay fit and stay up late a lot.
 Never think you’re past it either. 

Say hello to The RangeRover for us. 


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On 21 Dec 2013, at 12:36, “Ruth’

Hi there Russ,
Have been in touch with Charlie recently who told us about your accident. He’s sent us your email address so hope you don’t mind us contacting you. I know we didn’t stay in touch with you & Danielle over the years – but UWIST doesn’t really feel that long ago & after reading your blog it feels even shorter! It’s a hugely inspirational thing to read, & a brave thing to do – I’m sure that Dani, your girls and all your family are so proud of you for tackling such a huge challenge head on.
Roger & I are tucked away near St Davids and have two sons, Harry (16) & Aled (15), somewhere similar in age to your lovely girls from the photos posted on your blog.  Rodge is just about to start a job in the Orkney Isles (R has just told me to add ‘2 weeks on, 3 weeks off’ as it looks like he’s going to be there permanently!!) and we run a holiday cottage. Charlie thought you’d enjoy reading Harry’s Christmas newsletter – so have attached it for your amusement (hopefully!) – he fancies himself as a bit of a writer so we never have to nag him to do this job!!
I don’t know what else to say really – only that we really hope you enjoy this holiday with your family – it must feel great to be out & about and away from hospital.
We are thinking of you and will be keeping up with the blog.
Love and very Best Wishes to you & Danielle and your girls,
Ruth & Roger

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