An email from a mate, on realising I was having a shit day last week. Thanks buddy.


I’ve just read today’s blog. I can see just how hard things are for you at the moment (understatement). I’ve gone through lots of different messages that I might have sent you but of course nothing can change what you are up against. Perhaps its just me but I also see the flaws in what I might say. How can I make a difference?

Sian’s message really hit the nail on the head.

I thought about your comment on not being brave and found this quote on courage;

I know you’ll turn up Guttman leisure and put yourself through the physical and emotion strain you described again and again. That’s brave – when you push yourself through those doors and accept the torment of seeing others being able to do things that you can’t yet do. That’s real courage.

I guess it doesn’t really matter what we put in our emails because the words sum up to the same – we have so much love for you.

I’m upset so I’ll stop there.

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