Alan Partridge

Message from Danibelle:

Russ very sleepy this morning and back on the ventilator. Also, the “balloon” that prevents him speaking has been inflated again so no chance of him being able to talk; he just has to listen to us banging on incessantly, poor guy. Mum and I had an appointment with one of the doctor’s this afternoon in order to get a current update. It was a different doctor to the ones we’ve seen in previous weeks and this particular doctor is of the view that it will be another 2 weeks until he is finally weaned off the ventilator. He also thinks it will be another 2 weeks after that before they will deem it safe to remove the tracheotomy. The messaging we’ve been getting from the specialist hospitals we are looking to repatriate Russ to in the UK is that they will only admit him once he is off the ventilator and the tracheotomy has been removed.

Soooooo, looks like we’ll be a few more weeks in Toulon. I’ve now spent so much timing living at the Holiday Inn here that I think I am fast becoming the “Alan Partridge of Toulon”. I am due to return to London next week for 5 days to sort some stuff out for the girls; just as well as I think I am nearly at the point where I might be tempted to start dissembling vacuum cleaners in my room….

Anyway, time here has been put to good use (aside from, of course,our twice daily visits to Russ). We have now established who is the best UK consultant and hospital to transfer Russ to when the time is right so that is a bit of a relief. He’ll be going to the London Bridge Hospital (huge thanks to the winning combo of Tom Carrell, Dan White and my dad for sorting this out).

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