Saw Alan Partridge at the O2 tonight.
Have to say, it was funny!

Thanks to Marky P for being my Carer!

It’s a hard job chasing me through the crowds as I try to mow them down, to be fair.

In the ‘ special’ area I was in, none other than wee Warwick Davies and his wee wife and two wee kids were all on my left.
Mrs wee Davies goes around on a weeny mobility scooter, and wee Warwick and his wee daughter use titsy Segway type things. The wee son walks.

They really are all very short, that’s for sure.

It would have just been untenable for me to bother them by asking for tiny autographs.

Thank god Kerry wasn’t there to dance / sidle up to them. One slip and she might have crushed the whole family.

2 thoughts on “Ahaaaa!

  1. Warwick Davis is such a fab actor – he’s been in SO many cool films over the years. Seems like a nice bloke, too. Good to hear you and the lovely Marky P are rubbing shoulders with such nice stars!

    1. For the record, whatever you read about London.. Mark’s just my mate. I haven’t ever rubbed his shoulders, ok ?

      Warwick was great in Fantasy Island.
      And in The Time Bandits.


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